Loony Laura Loomer Trounced For Florida US House

Florida Politics reports:

Rep. Lois Frankel swatted off a challenge from internet provocateur Laura Loomer. The West Palm Beach Democrat easily defeated her challenger in a race that drew national attention mostly thanks to the Republican candidate’s history of hateful commentary.

Voters followed Twitter, Facebook and Uber in denying Loomer a platform for her rhetoric. With all early and vote-by-mail ballots in and 16 of 411 precincts counted, Frankel won 63.5% of the vote. to Loomer’s 34.75, crushing her nearly two-to-one.

Loomer didn’t have the remotest chance of winning, but since she was so vigorously supported by the dregs of MAGA world (Proud Boys, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Lara Trump, etc), it’s worth noting her humiliation.