How Trump World Raged At Fox Over Their AZ Call

The Washington Post reports:

Trump erupted in anger, telling others in the White House to “get that result changed,” a senior administration official said. His chief of staff Mark Meadows phoned Fox News’s decision desk repeatedly. Top aide Hope Hicks, who had returned to the White House earlier this year after a stint at Fox Corp., messaged Raj Shah, a former Trump White House staffer whom she hired at Fox, about how to get the call reversed.

Kellyanne Conway got in touch with Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier to complain. Jared Kushner reached out to Fox Corp.’s billionaire owner Rupert Murdoch. But even as White House officials vowed to Fox executives that they had data from Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) demonstrating that Trump could still win, and all the other major networks continued to hold off on a call, Fox decision desk chief Arnon Mishkin remained unmoved.

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