GOP West Virginia Gov Imposes Indoors Mask Rule, Tells Businesses To Call Police On Defiant Customers

Charleston’s WVNews reports:

Gov. Jim Justice issued several executive orders tightening up on COVID-19 rules. “Beginning at midnight tonight, I will issue a mandatory requirement to wear a face covering indoors in all public buildings at all times. This is not just when social distancing cannot be maintained, this is mandatory wearing your face covering in all buildings, at all times, other than your home,” Justice said.

Children under age 9 won’t be affected, nor will anyone with a “legitimate breathing problem.” If patrons don’t follow the order, Justice told business owners to call the police. And if someone isn’t following the mask mandate, they’re obstructing justice, Justice said. The governor also said an obstruction of justice charge would apply to business owners that are flaunting the rule.