Fox & Friends Host Backs Replacing State Electors

“In an unprecedented election in American history, with the highest percentage of mail-in balloting we have ever seen, it’s hard to believe this would add up to the most secure in American history.

“It is absolutely unprecedented, what happened in this election. Now, does that add up to the amount of election fraud to change an election? Does that add up to a court win for the president’s legal team?

“I think what’s happening here is we are quickly moving towards a political case being made — meaning the Trump team is talking to state legislators in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and we know today in Arizona, as well, attempting to make their case.

“There may not be enough evidence for a court system, but there should be enough evidence for state legislators to change their electors. Will they find more success there? We’ll soon find out.” – Will Cain, on Fox & Friends.