Cultists Pray In Tongues Outside NV Election Center

The Las Vegas Journal-Review reports:

A second night of protests on Thursday outside the Clark County Election Department attracted a large, vocal crowd claiming fraud in Nevada’s count. The #StopTheSteal protest to fight against what organizers allege is “election fraud” began at 6 p.m. outside the election department office in North Las Vegas, and grew in size as the protest went on.

Protesters, many carrying American flags and Trump 2020 flags, gathered outside the Clark County Election Department to protest the ballot counting, yelling about voter fraud and illegal votes.

At least one protester was seen walking around with a large yellow Proud Boys flag. Organizers asked people to share their experiences of witnessing voter fraud during the election. A protester in a MAGA hat was also seen shining a strobe light into the eyes of the counter-protester and an ABC reporter.