Creationist: God Gave Us All A Nasal Bone Because He Knew, Because Of Sin, We Would Need To Wear Glasses

“We also can look at the nasal bone right here. God designed humans very specifically, with this nasal bone, because He knew, because of sin, we’d be wearing glasses and contacts, right? So this helps hold our glasses. Primates have no need to wear glasses, so they were not created with that bone there.” – Creationist “Dr.” Jennifer Rivera, speaking on the podcast for Ken Ham’s Answers In Genesis.

Hemant Mehta reacts at The Friendly Atheist:

Got that everyone? God knew you were a dirty rotten sinner, which meant your eyes wouldn’t be perfect, which meant you would need glasses, which is why he created a nasal bone, which apparently had no use for hundreds of thousands of years. It’s not clear why God gave you a nasal bone if you wear contacts.

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