COVID Cases In Europe Doubled To 10M In Five Weeks

Reuters reports:

Europe’s new COVID-19 cases have doubled in five weeks, propelling the region on Sunday across the bleak milestone of 10 million total infections, according to a Reuters tally. Just last month, both Latin America and Asia reported over 10 million total cases in their regions.

The United States alone has over 9 million cases with a rapidly accelerating outbreak. While Europe almost took nine months to record its first 5 million COVID-19 cases, the next 5 million cases were reported in slightly over a month, according to a Reuters analysis.

With 10% of the world’s population, Europe accounts for about 22% of the global caseload of 46.3 million infections. With over 269,000 deaths, the region accounts for some 23% of the global COVID-19 death toll of nearly 1.2 million lives lost.