CNN Interviews GA Voter That Trump Says Is Dead

CNN reports:

President Donald Trump’s campaign and Fox News host Tucker Carlson alleged last week that a vote cast by a Georgia woman named Deborah Jean Christiansen was fraudulent. The allegation was false — like two other voter fraud claims the Trump campaign and Carlson leveled against legal Georgia voters last week.

The campaign and Carlson said this vote was a fraud because Deborah Jean Christiansen died last year. In fact, the vote was legally cast by a living woman who also happens to be named Deborah Jean Christiansen, born in the same year and month but on a different day. Christiansen answered the door when CNN showed up on Tuesday evening.

Christiansen said the false accusation from the Trump campaign is “just ridiculous,” part of an effort by a “narcissist” president to deny the obvious reality of his defeat.

Read the full article. Numerous other “dead” voters have been found to be alive. Other cases were simply matters of data entry errors.