Candace Owens: The Media Is Conning People Into Believing Biden Won Fairly So Send Me Money Today

Just in via email from Trump cultist Candace Owens:

Here’s how the media is reporting on clear, undeniable election fraud:

The New York Times: “Torrent of Falsehoods,”
CNN: “Baseless voter fraud claims,”
NPR: “False Claims of Fraud, Rigged Election,”
CBS News: “Voter fraud complaint is ‘garbage,’”

Meanwhile, Big Tech is getting in on the scam too:

Facebook has banned the 300,000-person “Stop the Steal” group… by ludicrously claiming they were “inciting violence.”

Twitter is censoring the President of the United States himself whenever he makes a completely justifiable claim about election fraud.

Their goal? Con the American people into believing that Joe Biden won this election fairly… and make them see the President as a “sore loser.”

I’ll be blunt: if we let this phony media narrative go uninterrupted, it will do permanent damage to President Trump even if he successfully fights back against this sham election.

Will you help me fight back and get the truth to the American people, by pitching in $25 or more to amplify our voice?