British PM Boris Johnson’s Tweet Congratulating Joe Biden Also Had Hidden Message Congratulating Trump

The Guardian reports:

Downing Street’s congratulatory message to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on winning the US presidential election contains a hidden message congratulating Donald Trump for winning a second term in office. The message, posted on Twitter as an image a few hours after the US TV networks called the election for Biden, congratulates the president-elect on his election, and Harris “on her historic achievement”.

But the image, a simple white-on-black block of text, is more than it seems. A simple colour adjustment reveals a second message hidden in the background. Above and behind the words “Joe Biden on his election”, the shadow of the words “Trump on” become faintly visible. Where the main message reads “the US is our most important ally and I look forward to working closely together”, the words “second term” appear.

The Independent reports:

On Tuesday a government spokesperson said: “As you’d expect, two statements were prepared in advance for the outcome of this closely contested election. A technical error meant that parts of the alternative message were embedded in the background of the graphic.”

However, the smaller text size of the Trump message embedded in the Biden photo has prompted suggestions Downing Street had prepared a longer message congratulating the incumbent president.

The error has led to bafflement and mockery on social media. “Your regular reminder that Dominic Cummings believes they could run a billion dollar tech corporation from Downing Street,” wrote one Twitter user.