AZ GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Pushes “Sharpiegate” Idiocy

The Associated Press reports:

CLAIM: Votes were eliminated in Arizona because people were made to use Sharpie pens to mark their ballots. This caused the tabulation machine to cancel the vote.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Sharpies were allowed in Arizona but they do not affect the vote. And even if a ballot could not be read by a tabulation machine, it would be reviewed by a board that re-examines the ballots. The vote would not be canceled.

THE FACTS: Following the race call on Wednesday that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden had flipped the Republican-stronghold of Arizona, social media posts circulated suggesting that their votes for Trump were canceled because they were told to use Sharpies at their polling site.

The claims are being spread by GOP Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar [photo], CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp, and thousands of QAnon nutbags.

TikTok in particular has been overwhelmed with viral clips claiming that Democrats colluded with Arizona poll workers to “trick” voters into using Sharpies.