AP: Russian Hospitals Overrun With COVID Patients

The Associated Press reports:

Three times last week, the Russian government reported a record number of daily deaths, and the number of daily new infections per 100,000 people has more than doubled since Oct. 1, from 6 to over 15. Overall, Russia has recorded over 2 million cases and over 35,000 deaths, but experts say all numbers worldwide understate the true toll of the pandemic. Reports in Russian media have painted a bleak picture in recent weeks.

Hospital corridors are filled with patients on gurneys and even the floor. Bodies in black plastic bags were seen piling up on the floors of a morgue. Long lines of ambulances wait at hospitals while pharmacies put up signs listing the drugs they no longer have in stock. Russian authorities have acknowledged problems in the health system. Yet Russian authorities continue to insist there’s no need for a nationwide lockdown or widespread closures of businesses.