$3M WI Trump Recount Is Done: 87 More Biden Votes

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

Dane County wrapped up its recount Sunday, affirming Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in Wisconsin as President Donald Trump prepares a lawsuit. The completion of Dane County’s recount comes two days after Milwaukee County finished its recount. Trump’s campaign paid $3 million to cover the cost of the recounts in Wisconsin’s two most Democratic counties so he could pursue a long-shot lawsuit to claim the state’s 10 electoral votes.

Milwaukee County’s recount netted Biden netted 132 more votes over the initial results. Much of the increase occurred because tabulators discovered 386 votes had not been counted on Election Day. The vote total in Dane County will change by dozens of votes, but nowhere near enough to shift the state from Biden to Trump, said Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell. Biden won Wisconsin by about 21,600 votes according to the initial tally.

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