With Hospital Full, Idaho City Repeals Mask Mandate After Public Health Board Member Calls COVID A Hoax

The Associated Press reports:

Moments after hearing an Idaho hospital was overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients and looking at sending people as far away as Seattle for care, members of a regional health department board voted Thursday to repeal a local mask mandate. The hospital in Coeur d’Alene reached 99% capacity a day earlier, even after doubling up patients in rooms and buying more hospital beds.

But the board voted 4-3 to end the mask mandate. Board members overseeing Idaho’s public health districts are appointed by county commissioners and not required to have any medical experience. One board member, Allen Banks, denied COVID-19 exists. “Something’s making these people sick, and I’m pretty sure that it’s not coronavirus, so the question that you should be asking is, ‘What’s making them sick?’” he told the medical professionals who testified.

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