VIRAL VIDEO: Kellyanne Conway Screams F-Bombs At Her Daughter For “Lying” About Her Mom’s COVID Tests reports:

On October 5, Claudia dropped another COVID-19 related bombshell claiming that President Trump, her mother’s former boss, who tested positive for COVID-19 on October 2, was way sicker than The White House was letting on. Later Monday evening, Claudia shared one more disturbing TikTok video, which has since been deleted, during which she and her mother got into a heated argument.

In the brief video, which survives on Twitter through a recording shared by Kathy Griffin and hundreds more, Conway yells f-bombs at her daughter. Conway accuses her daughter of “disruption”– “lying about fucking COVID” about “her “fucking mother,” while Claudia defends herself. After Conway asks, “You’re taping me, again?” the video cuts to black. In another TikTok video posted on Monday night, Conway instructs her daughter to “Tell them right now: ‘My mom had three tests.’”

Claudia is #1 on Twitter. With all that’s going on.