Vermont Asks Kavanaugh To Correct Error In Opinion

The Hill reports:

Vermont’s Secretary of State on Wednesday called for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to correct a claim made in a Monday opinion that Vermont had not made any election rule changes this year, which the justice used as a justification to deny Democrats’ request to extend the deadline for mail-in voting in Wisconsin.

In a letter sent to the Supreme Court Wednesday, Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos said that in Kavanaugh’s opinion, the Trump-appointed justice claimed that Vermont “decided not to make changes to their ordinary election rules, including to the election-day deadline for receipt of absentee ballots.”

Condos added that while Vermont issued a directive in July stating that it would make every effort to “depart as little as possible from our voting traditions and our safe and secure voting processes,” the secretary of state noted that the state had actually recently implemented two changes.