Trump To Appoint Cultist Tom Fitton To Agency That Has The Power To Unseat DC Judges For Misconduct

The Hill reports:

The White House announced Friday that President Trump intends to appoint prominent conservative activist Tom Fitton to a judicial oversight agency that would grant him the power to unseat judges in Washington, D.C.,’s judiciary. Trump will tap Fitton to join the D.C. Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure.

Fitton heads the group Judicial Watch, and has advocated for investigations into officials from the Obama administration. He has also warned of a “deep state” that is supposedly seeking to undermine Trump. He has also called for the elimination of certain coronavirus safety measures such as mask-wearing.

Fitton last appeared on JMG when he sued the NIH to dig up dirt on Anthony Fauci. As you can see at the extensive Wikipedia entry for Judicial Watch, they subscribe to every batshit conspiracy theory out there, from QAnon to Seth Rich to Hillary’s emails to JFK’s assassination. Judicial Watch was founded by nutbag lawyer Larry Klayman.