Trump Rants: Why Would I Allow Them To Change The Debate Rules When I Won So Easily The First Time?

Deadline reports:

Donald Trump signaled that he would oppose changes to the rule of the second and third presidential debates, while claiming that he “easily won” the first match up with Joe Biden. In response to widespread criticism of the debate on Tuesday, primarily over Trump’s repeated interruptions of Joe Biden, the organizers of the debates said that they are considering changes, including additional structure to ensure “a more orderly discussion of the issues.”

Trump has done this dance before when it comes to debates. Earlier in this cycle, there was some speculation that he would not participate, as he claimed that the commission was “very biased.” As the debates approached, his campaign pressed the commission to add another debate or move the schedule, while suggesting a list of moderators. None of them were picked. Scientific polls conducted since the debate have shown that viewers thought that Biden won the debate, not Trump.