Trump Rages At “Least Effective RINO Little Ben Sasse”

A reminder of why Glorious Leader is so pissed:

Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., ripped President Trump in a phone call with constituents, saying the commander-in-chief “kisses dictators’ butts,” “sells out our allies,” mistreats women and “spends like a drunken sailor.”

Sasse said he fears a “blue tsunami” is coming in November and if Trump loses, which “looks likely,” he’s the going to take the Senate down with him. “What the heck were any of us thinking that selling a TV-obsessed narcissistic individual to the American people was a good idea? It is not a good idea,” Sasse said in a recent telephone town hall with his constituents.

“I think we are staring down the barrel of a blue tsunami and we’ve got to hold the Senate and that’s what I’m focused on.” Trump “mocks evangelicals behind closed doors,” mistreats women and “flirted with white supremacists,” Sasse said.