Trump Does “MAGA Rally” On Rush Limbaugh’s Radio Show, Insanely Declares “We Have A COVID Cure”

The Associated Press reports:

President Donald Trump, still White House bound after his COVID-19 diagnosis, called into the Rush Limbaugh show for a radio “rally” with the conservative talk host.

Limbaugh started what he describe as a “mega, MAGA rally” — in which Trump is expected to take questions from callers — by praising Trump as the “strongest, most unwavering” leader.

Limbaugh also called it “breathtaking” the difference between the Trump he knows and how he’s portrayed in the media. Trump talked up his prospects in the face of grim polls, blamed media “poisoned by their own hatred “and assured Limbaugh that his recovery is going well.

The New York Daily News reports:

President Trump joined Rush Limbaugh for a rambling afternoon chat where the commander-in-chief said he’s no longer suffering from COVID-19. “I’m telling you we have a cure, more than just a therapeutic, we have a cure,” Trump told Limbaugh’s conspiracy craving radio audience Friday.

After boasting that his administration had cleaned-up V.A. hospitals nationwide, Trump praised medical experts at Walter Reed for allegedly making his recovery possible. “I was in not great shape, but we have a medicine that healed me that fixed me, it’s a great medicine,” he said. “I recovered immediately.”