Trump Campaign Cancels TV Ads In Ohio And Iowa

CNN reports:

President Donald Trump’s campaign canceled its planned television advertising in Iowa and Ohio this week, focusing its spending on states where Trump is behind even as polls show he is neck-and-neck with Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the two Midwestern states.

Trump’s campaign canceled its ad reservations of $2.5 million in Ohio and $820,000 in Iowa this week, according to ad-tracking firm CMAG. It’ll be his third consecutive week without television ads in Iowa and Ohio.

The moves come even as public polls suggest Trump needs to shore up support in the two states that he won by about 9 percentage points each in 2016. A CBS/YouGov poll out Sunday showed Biden and Trump tied at 47% each in Ohio, while a New York Times/Siena College poll in late September showed Biden with a 45% to 42% lead Iowa.