Trump Admits He Owes $400 Million: “It’s A Peanut”

Bloomberg News reports:

While discussing the issue of his taxes, President Donald Trump did not deny that he owes entities about $400 million, and pledged to tell Americans to whom he owes money. “I will not mind at all saying who it is,” Trump said Thursday, during a live town hall on NBC. He said he doesn’t owe money to Russians, and said of whether he owes to any foreign interests, “Not that I know of.”

“$400 million compared to the assets that I have, all of these great properties all over the world,” he said. He further minimized the amount. “What I’m saying is that it’s a tiny percentage of my net worth.” “The amount of money – $400 million, is a peanut,” Trump said, arguing that his company is under leveraged. Trump has made more than $200 million from his myriad business interests in foreign countries since 2016.