Timeline Presented By Trump’s Doctors Suggests He May Have Attended Events Knowing He Was COVID+

The Guardian reports:

Trump’s doctors said it had been 72 hours since Trump’s diagnosis (so sometime on Wednesday), which does not fit in with what we know – or were told. We were told of Trump’s illness late on Thursday/early Friday Washington DC time.

That means Trump apparently went to a fundraiser in New Jersey knowing he had Covid-19. Indeed, on Thursday Trump did not give any indication he had been diagnosed in a television appearance. So either Dr Sean Conley is wrong about the diagnosis, Trump was not told he had Covid-19 or he was not telling the truth.

Sean N. Dooley, a pulmonologist also spoke during the briefing. “We are monitoring [Trump] very closely for any evidence of complications from either the coronavirus illness or the therapies that we are prescribing to make him better,” Dooley said. “He is in exceptionally good spirits.”