Ronna McDaniel: The Corrupt Debate Commission Is Committing Election Interference With Mic Muting Rule

“This commission has been stacked against him from day one. It’s part of the corruption that we’ve seen in Washington. They don’t like Donald Trump.

“This is a city that’s plugged in for Joe Biden, and to have this supposed non-partisan commission continue to make rule changes without consulting the Trump campaign.

“They break promises that they made to the Trump campaign, unilaterally make decisions that ended the second debate, it’s just really shameful.

“They’re hurting the American people and it is a form of election interference. I hope this commission does not exist after this. I certainly don’t consider them non-partisan.

“They do not deserve that status and they have not worked on behalf of the Republican Party because you have a bunch of Never Trump-ers on that commission.” – Ronna McDaniel, speaking this afternoon on Fox News.