Red-Caped Catholic Loons Demand That NYC Remove “Vulgar” Nude Statue Or “Civilization Will Become Dead”

Just in from the red-caped Catholic loons:

Since October 13, 2020, a statue of a nude woman is standing inside a public park in Lower Manhattan. The 7-foot-tall bronze statue called “Medusa With the Head of Perseus” is in full view of the public at Collect Pond Park in New York City. According to reports:

“A new public sculpture in New York City seeks to reimagine the myth amid the #MeToo era by shifting the power to women. In ‘Medusa With The Head of Perseus,’ a seven-foot-tall nude bronze by artist Luciano Garbati, the serpent-coiffed protagonists stands tall and proud — holding the head of Perseus in her right hand…

‘Medusa With The Head of Perseus’ will be on view from October 13, 2020 through April 30, 2021 at Collect Pond Park, located on Centre Street in Lower Manhattan.” (Source:; emphasis added)

This is beyond the pale! Public parks should not be a place of this vulgarity. Countless visitors would have to encounter this immoral sculpture. Worse, children will be scandalized, which is a great offense against God.

Before God and history, you and I must oppose the normalization of nudity: once it becomes generally accepted, civilization is dead. Please sign our petition, urging the NYC Parks Department to immediately remove this nude statue from public view.