Pat Robertson: I Don’t Think Most Christians Are Stupid Enough To Believe The Earth Is Only 7000 Years Old

“I don’t think most Christians are stupid enough to believe that. The other is the Ussher theory… if you added all the generations from Adam until the current time, and you say, ‘Alright, that adds up to 7,000. Okay. And so, therefore, the Earth’s only 7000 years old.’ Well, that’s just nonsense.

“I mean, there are just too many geological factors, too many things that have happened on our Earth. The Earth is about 14 billion years old, and there’s just no question about it.

“You’ve got the dinosaurs. You’ve got all the things that have happened on this Earth. And there’s too much geology, I mean, it’s just established science. So the idea of having a 6-7,000-year Earth is just… any Christians who believe that, just, I’m telling you that, they aren’t very up on today’s…

“I believe science! I mean, let’s face it! You know, God didn’t… This whole planet was set up for God’s purpose. The universe is tuned for life. But it didn’t get here in 6-7,000 years!

“It got here over… almost 14 billion years to get this Earth to where it is right now.” – Pat Robertson, responding to a viewer’s question about why he never talks about so-called Young Earth Creationism.

At The Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta notes that Robertson has said something similar in the past, but that today’s comments came immediately after he fawned over a climate change denialist. So much for science.