One Million Moms Vs Frank’s RedHot Sauce [VIDEO]

Via email from hate group leader Monica Cole:

Frank’s RedHot commercial is bold but bad. While some companies are cleaning up their ads, Frank’s RedHot is airing commercials that insinuate the use of foul language to describe its hot sauce. “I put that ‘bleep’ on everything” is the slogan, which many viewers find extremely inappropriate and offensive. Even though the profanity is bleeped out, every viewer still knows what is being implied.

Frank’s RedHot ad is irresponsible and offensive to customers. This inappropriate advertisement is airing during prime time when children are likely watching. The bleeped-out word creates an unnecessary curiosity in children, and there is nothing funny about swearing or kids mimicking this behavior. The commercial is extremely destructive and damaging to impressionable children.

TAKE ACTION: If you agree that this “I put that ‘bleep’ on everything” marketing campaign is inappropriate, please sign our petition urging Frank’s RedHot to cancel its commercials and change its slogan to no longer insinuate foul language.