NYC Orthodox Leader Arrested For Incitement To Riot, His Supporters Mob Home Of Jewish Reporter [VIDEO]

The New York Post reports:

Dozens of noisy protesters gathered outside the Brooklyn home of an Orthodox journalist on Sunday night in reaction to the arrest of activist Heshy Tischler for allegedly inciting an unruly mob to attack him. “No Heshy, no peace,” the protesters chanted at Jacob Kornbluh, a reporter for Jewish Insider who was assaulted last Wednesday during Borough Park protests over coronavirus restrictions.

Another man shouted into a bullhorn and passing cars honked their horns in an apparent show of solidarity with the group who appeared to be pinning the blame for Tischler’s arrest on the victim, Kornbluh. Tischler, who is also Orthodox, allegedly caused the attack on Kornbluh after some in the community were upset about the journalist’s reporting on the anti-lockdown protests.

“Muser” means traitor.