NOM Takes Credit For Barrett Confirmation: We Did It

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

We did it! I am so proud of every NOM supporter who took action to support the confirmation of Justice Barrett. Working together, we made a tremendous difference.

Our support of her was a major factor in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, helping to bring into focus for the country the high likelihood that Justice Barrett will not look kindly on the illegitimate, anti-constitutional imposition of same-sex marriage on the nation.

As we said in our advocacy of her nomination, all of our issues were at stake in this confirmation battle. Now, all of our issues have been significantly advanced, thanks to the addition of a principled, brilliant, pro-constitution justice to the US Supreme Court.

If you have not yet made a financial contribution to support our work in helping secure the confirmation of Justice Barrett, I ask you to do so now.

We’ve expended everything we had on hand to secure this victory, and we need to immediately replenish our coffers. Every donation to NOM connected to the confirmation fight will be 100% matched, so please be as generous as possible.