Michele Bachmann: Muslims Have Ruined Minnesota

“Minnesota was founded by people who had a very strong biblical ethic. That has changed beyond my wildest dreams to where we are today, I’m sorry to say.

“I would say probably the main thing is a loss of reverence for God and of the things of God, and a loss of reverence for his word and the truth of his word, and turning away from the truths of his words to our own ways.

“And that brings us to a place of emptiness, ultimately sorrow and sadness. And I think that’s happened here in Minnesota as well. Also, the embrace of false gods.

“Many people have come to the Minnesota area that are not believers of the Book. They’re not Jewish or not Christian. That’s not to say that God doesn’t love all people. He does.

“But when people embrace false gods, that brings an element into your society. You know, 30 years ago we could say that there are false gods and that we shouldn’t worship them.

“Today, it seems like we’re not allowed to say that because that’s considered not inclusive or not diverse enough.

“But the fact is the word of God says that there’s only one God to whom we serve, and there are false gods now here in the state of Minnesota.” – Former GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, who is currently a right wing group’s “pastor to the United Nations.”

Bachmann is, of course, referring to Somalian Muslims such as Rep. Ilhan Omar who have made the Minneapolis area their home.

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