McSally Won’t Say If She’s Proud Of Backing Trump

The Associated Press reports:

Down in the polls just days before Arizona voters begin casting ballots, Republican Sen. Martha McSally came out swinging against her Democratic challenger in their only face-to-face debate Tuesday, accusing retired astronaut Mark Kelly of obfuscating his true beliefs.

McSally unveiled a new nickname for her rival, branding him “counterfeit Kelly,” a phrase she used at least 10 times as she made the case that the Democrat’s independent rhetoric would give way to a liberal voting record in Washington.

She deflected repeated questions about whether she’s proud to support Trump or would have been proud to serve under him during her Air Force career. Kelly hammered on McSally’s votes to repeal former President Barack Obama’s health care law, which he says would leave people with preexisting health conditions facing high costs, if they can get coverage at all

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