Loeffler “Not Familiar” With Trump’s P-Grabbing Tape

Atlanta’s NBC News affiliate reports:

Sen. Kelly Loeffler said Wednesday that she doesn’t disagree with anything President Donald Trump has said or done. Earlier this month during a debate, Loeffler was asked if President Trump had ever said or done anything she’d disagreed with. Her answer was emphatically “no.”

Loeffler told reporters Wednesday that she doesn’t know anything about an Access Hollywood tape made in 2005 in which Trump described sexually assaulting women. This came up again after Loeffler said she doesn’t disagree with anything Trump has said or done.

When asked about the tape, Loeffler dodged the specifics. A reporter noted that her answer didn’t address whether she had any issues with Trump’s comments, Loeffler said “I’m sorry. I’m not familiar with that.”