Jeanine Pirro: Now That Trump Lets Us Say “Merry Christmas” Again, Stare People Down When You Do It

The New York Daily News reports:

With Halloween a day away, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro is already starting with her conspiracy-peddling network’s narrative about the Christmas holiday being under siege — and she’s doing it louder than ever. The 69-year-old former judge delivered her sermon to The Faith and Freedom Coalition in Waco, Texas Sunday, according to Right Wing Watch. She also used the speech to praise her other savior, President Trump.

“I remember when Donald Trump was running and he talked about bringing back ‘Merry Christmas,”’ Pirro recalled. “I live in New York. I’m like, ‘Yeah, nobody says it.’ You know, you try to be politically correct because of ‘Happy Hanukkah,’ Kwanzaa, this, that, the atheists, the agnostics, whatever.” “And since (Trump) came in, I say, ‘Merry Christmas’ and I say it a decibel louder now!” Pirro boasted. “And I stare them down and so should you.”