Ingraham Attacks Biden For Vow To Listen To Scientists

“Number one, President Trump didn’t say he’d flip a switch to end the pandemic. Number two, you can’t “shut down a virus” by hiding from it. Immunity can only be acquired three ways.

“First, you can get the bug and survive it. Herd immunity. Second, you can get vaccinated and the vaccine doesn’t hurt you or even kill you and third you’re already partially or entirely immune due to something called cross reaction with other viruses and that’s where t-cell immunity comes in.

“So when Biden says we’re going to let the science drive our decisions that means unelected medical experts will dictate when our kids can go to school, when we can go to church and when we can drive or travel anywhere to see relatives or friends.

“Democrats have opted to use fear instead of substantive arguments to win this election.” – Laura Ingraham, on last night’s show.