Fox Host To PA State Reps: Ignore That SCOTUS Ruling

“In the end, this may wind up again in the Supreme Court and the legislature’s asserting itself and the legislature’s saying, ‘No. I am a delegate in the Pennsylvania legislature, I am a — a state senator in the Pennsylvania legislature. I have an obligation to the Federal Constitution under Article II. I am obliged by that Federal Constitution under Article II, to say no to our Supreme Court — that it doesn’t get to choose how we choose electors.’

“The Federal Constitution is specific, it’s the state legislature. So four Justices out of seven don’t get to change that. Moreover, if the state law requires the signature of a governor in a joint resolution of the state delegates and the state senators — that is the bicameral house of the state legislature of Virginia — of Pennsylvania — then we are not going to — we are not going to follow that process.

“We are going to pass a resolution and we are going to send it to the governor and send it to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania not for their affirmation, not for their signature, not for their assent, we’re giving them notice.

“And we’re going to send that to all the counties in the state, that they must comply with the existing law. That’s what the state legislature in Pennsylvania has to do, or we’ll continue to have judicial tyranny in some of these states.” – Fox New host Mark Levin, on yesterday’s radio show.

Earlier this week in a 4-4 vote the Supreme Court upheld an appeals court ruling allowing Pennsylvania to accept mail ballots for three days after the election.