Fox Host Calls Klobuchar And Harris “Petty Mean Girls” Who Are Jealous That Amy Coney Barrett Is Smarter

“The one thing that I don’t like about these hearings in general is that you learn about a person in how they wield their power when they have it. Like, if they have this authority to treat you like crap and they do, then they’re a terrible person.

“But if you have the authority to hammer somebody, but you do it with some kind of grace, that’s different. And it seems to me watching Klobuchar and watching Kamala Harris, these are people that — they just come off smaller and they come off petty.

“They’re like mean girls and they’re just jealous because this person happens to be smarter and more successful than they are.” – Fox News host Greg Gutfeld.

Gutfeld last appeared on JMG when he declared that his Glorious Leader “got COVID for all of us.”