Facebook Allows Trump To Run Thousands Of Ads With Photos Manipulated To Make Biden Appear To Be Older

Media Matters reports:

Despite Facebook’s policy against manipulated media in ads, President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign ran thousands of Facebook ads in the last three months that feature manipulated photos of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Over 2,500 ads feature images in which Biden’s coloring and facial features have been edited to make him appear older, while more than a thousand other ads were edited to add an earpiece to images of Biden while accusing him of possibly cheating during the debate.

Facebook has a policy prohibiting misleading manipulated media in posts and political ads, though it does not always enforce this policy; the policy says the platform intends to remove content featuring “manipulation [that] isn’t apparent and could mislead.” While Facebook has removed several of Trump’s ads that utilized manipulated images, thousands still remain.

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