Early Voting Up “Bonkers” 2400% In All-Mail Colorado

The Denver Post reports:

More than 300,000 Colorado voters have returned ballots for the Nov. 3 election as of 11:30 Wednesday night — a staggering display of enthusiasm in a state that sends all voters a ballot by mail. When that latest figure was tabulated by the Secretary of State’s Office, Colorado was 20 days out from the election.

Twenty days out from the 2016 election — when Colorado also had universal mail-in voting — 12,141 people had cast ballots, said a spokeswoman for Secretary of State Jena Griswold. That’s a 2,377% increase in early turnout this year as compared with 2016, when overall voter turnout far exceeded the national average.

Politicos in Colorado are floored by these numbers, which Democratic political consultant Craig Hughes described as “bonkers.” Republicans make up 27% of the state’s overall voter roll but accounted for only 19% of ballots received by late Wednesday.

Photo: Senate candidate John Hickenlooper.