DeSantis Moves To Screw With Ballot Drop Boxes

The Tampa Bays Times reports:

Late guidance from the Florida Department of State could upend some counties’ plans for providing mail ballot drop boxes — only days before the start of early voting in the 2020 general election. A Wednesday memo from the department’s general counsel, Brad McVay, to the state’s 67 supervisors of elections explained the state’s interpretation of the law on several questions related to drop boxes.

It states that vote-by-mail drop boxes must be staffed at all times they are in use by either an elections employee or a sworn law enforcement officer — guidance that could be prohibitive. Many counties decided to offer 24-hour drop boxes by using video surveillance or relying on volunteers to monitor them. “This seems like a last-minute desperate plea to make it more difficult for Floridians to vote,” said Daniel Smith, a University of Florida political science professor who studies elections.