Dems Dominate Absentee Ballot Returns In Florida

Politico reports:

Republicans typically hold a slight edge in absentee ballot returns in Florida elections. But this year, there’s been a stunning development. For the first time ever at this stage of a general election, Democrats here are outvoting Republicans — and by a mammoth 384,000-vote margin through Tuesday.

As of Tuesday, Democrats accounted for almost 51 percent of the nearly 1.8 million ballots cast so far. Republicans had cast about 520,000 ballots, or about 29 percent of the total. The remaining 20 percent of the ballots mailed in so far have been cast by independent voters who have no party affiliation or belong to minor third parties.

The massive disparity, coupled with polling showing Biden marginally leading Trump here, have Democrats in a virtual swoon. Activists and consultants say it’s a sign that their side is more enthusiastic about turning out.

Read the full article. Early in-person voting starts Oct. 19th.