Dems Demand Audit Of Trump’s $200 Gift Card Plan

Politico reports:

Senior Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday called on government auditors to quickly review the Trump administration’s hastily devised plan to award drug-discount cards to seniors, warning it could be an election-linked gambit and violate federal law.

“Given the unusual nature of these taxpayer-funded payments to Medicare beneficiaries, we are concerned that the demonstration fails to comply with relevant federal laws and regulations,” wrote Reps. Frank Pallone and Richard Neal and Sen. Ron Wyden to the Government Accountability Office.

President Donald Trump nearly three weeks ago announced that seniors would soon receive $200 cards from Medicare to help pay for prescription drugs, surprising some of his own health officials and setting off a scramble within his administration. Trump health officials are now rushing to send letters touting the new cards to 39 million seniors before the Nov. 3 election, positioning the initiative as a test of the Medicare program, POLITICO reported last week.

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