Covidiot Calls 911 On Pet Shop Because “Per The 1964 Civil Rights Act” She Doesn’t Have To Wear Face Mask

The New York Post reports:

A woman called 911 for being denied entry into a California pet store because she wasn’t wearing a mask — claiming she has a “religious exemption right and God-given right” that are protected under the Civil Rights Act. Aidan Bearpaw, who works at Bones-N-Scones in Palm Springs, recorded the tense encounter on Sunday and posted it to Facebook, writing, “I’ve never had to deal with a karen calling 911 on me before all because I asked her to please wear a mask in the store.”

The woman called 911 on speaker, telling the dispatcher, “As per the 1964 Civil Rights Act, I cannot be discriminated against. I do have a right to be able to breathe O2, not CO2, and I’m being discriminated against right now at a store.” She adds, “I’m being told I need to wear a mask even though I have a religious exemption right and a God-given right to be able to breathe O2 and not CO2 … medical exemption too.”