COVID+ Rabbi Holds Services After $15K Fine By NYC

Gothamist reports:

A prominent Hasidic rabbi who tested positive for COVID-19 last week continued leading large indoor prayer services in Borough Park this weekend — even after the New York City Sheriff’s Office issued the synagogue a fine for violating the governor’s hot spot restrictions.

The Bobov-45 shul was one of five religious congregations in Borough Park that received a $15,000 fine on Saturday for flouting Governor Andrew Cuomo’s order that houses of worship limit attendance in neighborhoods currently experiencing a resurgence of coronavirus cases.

“Some of these big congregations raise [hundreds of thousands of] dollars on this holiday alone,” said Heshy Friedman, a 57-year-old Borough Park resident who opposes the governor’s lockdown orders. “Fifteen thousand dollars isn’t a big deal for them. It’s worth it, like an expense.”

The sheriff’s office says it’s not their job to ensure people don’t return to venues already cited for violations.