COVID Cases At Megachurch’s “Supernatural Ministry” Double To 274 As Senior Pastor Condemns Face Masks

Redding’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Shasta County health officials have confirmed 274 cases of COVID-19 connected to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). That number includes a previously reported 137 cases. Health officials say the school is actively engaged in testing and contact tracing those connected to the school. The update came as people online were sharing and commenting on a video posted by Beni Johnson, a Senior Leader and Bethel Church, criticizing mask use and the enforcement of mask requirements.

This is not the first time Bethel has been connected to a controversy. In July, Sean Feucht, a musician, minister and aspiring politician with ties to Bethel held a large worship gathering in Redding that was condemned by public health officals. In December of 2019 the church made national headlines after an effort to resurrect a two-year-old who had been pronounced dead. A GoFundMe page for the family raised more than $78,000.