Commission Cancels Second Presidential Debate

Politifact reports:

After refusing to participate in a virtual debate, President Donald Trump continued to wage a war with the Commission on Presidential Debates, saying that the group chooses biased moderators and that it apologized after tampering with his microphone when he debated Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In an Oct. 8 phone interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Trump resurfaced his unfounded claim that the commission interfered with his microphone during the 2016 presidential debates, when he faced off against Hillary Clinton, and said the group wrote him an apology letter at the time.

We found no evidence the commission sent Trump an apology letter in 2016 due to what happened with his mic. When we reached out to the Trump campaign and the White House for evidence of this letter, we did not hear back.

The Daily Beast reports:

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace said on Friday that he sees no issue with the Commission on Presidential Debates making the second debate virtual amid President Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, saying the president’s own behavior brings up “serious questions.

think there are serious questions as to how the president behaved in the first debate,” Wallace said. “The White House has refused to say the last time that the president tested negative before he went to the debate. And so I think there is some concern.”

The Fox News Sunday moderator pointed out that due to the White House refusing to disclose when the president last tested negative for the virus, it is very possible and even likely that Trump was infected when he participated in last week’s debate.