Christian Site: Protect Yourself From Halloween Witches

Kathy DeGraw writes for Charisma News:

October is the month when witches and Satanists are praying and fasting to wreak havoc on Christians and destroy their prophetic words and destiny. The demonic realm is sold out and committed to accomplishing its plans and purposes. Satan’s adherents pray and fast all month in preparation for their high holy day. The evil one and his followers are organized, committed and disciplined to their cause.

We are not to fear what is released into the atmosphere this month. We have power and authority over all things. However, we need to release that power and authority through the power of outspoken prayers. I bind and rebuke every witchcraft curse sent to inflict pain, sickness and death on me, in Jesus’ name. I speak and declare that I am covered with the blood of Jesus. I dispatch angels to guard and protect me, and I decree that no weapon formed against me will prosper.

Hit the link for more ways to stop witches.

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