CBS Poll: Biden +2 In FL, Biden +4 In NC, Tied In GA

CBS News reports:

In the final stretch of the campaign, we find three Southern battlegrounds that could still go either way. Our estimates show Joe Biden with just a two-point edge over President Trump in Florida, Biden up four points in North Carolina, and the contest even in Georgia.

Millions have already voted and many others say they’ve already decided. While early voters in each state told us they substantially favored Biden, those who have not yet voted heavily favor Mr. Trump, setting up a key turnout test running now through Election Day for both parties.

Each set of supporters also has different criteria shaping their vote. Biden voters are more likely to say that a candidate’s personal character is a major factor in it. In Florida, for example, eight in 10 Biden voters say it is — compared to just 35% of Trump voters. For Trump voters, the economy and immigration are the major factors.