CBS News Hires 24-Hour Security For Lesley Stahl After Death Threat, Trump Calls Her “Angry, Rude, Crazy”

TMZ reports:

The “60 Minutes” interview President Trump cut short over what he felt was unfair questioning from Lesley Stahl has left her, and her family, in a dangerous situation, TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources tell us CBS is now providing Stahl with around-the-clock security due to a death threat made to the home of one of her immediate family members on the west coast.

Law enforcement sources tell us the death threat call was reported to LAPD around 9 AM Thursday, October 22. We’re told the caller directed the threat toward Lesley and her family, and also said something about neo-Nazis.

Mediaite reports:

President Donald Trump continued going after 60 Minutes host Lesley Stahl Tuesday over the interview he abruptly ended just last week. During chants of “lock her up” at his Tuesday rally, Trump briefly riffed on the media coverage of his reactions to such chants.

“They asked me that question on crazy 60 Minutes,” the president said. “Wasn’t she rude? She just kept asking me questions. Then they interviewed Sleepy Joe and it was like everybody just fell asleep.”

After noting the big ratings the program got, Trump said, “Wasn’t it terrible, the difference? One is anger, craziness, right? Fire coming out of her eyes.”