Brit Hume: Trump Should Do Debate Even If Contagious

“Look, haven’t the medical authorities been telling us all this time that to avoid infection you stay a certain distance apart and you wear masks and even in certain circumstances you might have a partition that separates you from others, and that way you can get on with life.

“There’s a real need in this country to get on with life. And presidential and vice presidential debates are a part of that, So the idea that if the president is still potentially infected in some way, that you couldn’t stage an in-person debate flies in the face of all that we’ve been told about this disease.

“If we’re now to believe that all the precautionary measures that we talked about, that people who carry the virus can transmit it despite distancing and despite masks and other precautionary measures, then we’re in a whole new ball game. I don’t think we are.” – Brit Hume, last night.

Hume has ridiculed Biden for wearing a mask.