Brian Brown Thrilled His Hate Group Got Mentioned At SCOTUS Hearing: “Send Me Your Most Generous Gift”

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Today during the confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse mentioned “the big group that opposes same-sex marriage”—that is, us, the National Organization for Marriage.

He even had a small poster prepared, quoting from our ad supporting Judge Barrett’s confirmation. The placard bore the ad’s title: “All our issues are at stake.”

It is thanks to faithful supporters like you that we can continue defending and spreading the message about the truth of marriage. Senator Whitehouse today made it abundantly clear: that message is being heard in the halls of power. And he also made it clear that this message has some within those halls worried.

Whitehouse mentioned NOM alongside some of the heaviest hitters in Washington, groups with—frankly—much larger staffs and budgets than NOM has.

But at NOM we steward our funds from generous donors like you wisely and shrewdly, and I am proud to say we have an outsized impact for the size of our operation.

We don’t need billionaires and armies of lawyers and interns: the truth is on our side, and ordinary Americans who give generously and sacrificially to make sure our message can penetrate through the political noise in our nation’s capital. Today we have seen evidence that our strategy continues to work.

But we can’t let up now. We know our message is getting through: now we need to amplify it! We have an ongoing matching challenge that will DOUBLE the effectiveness of every gift we receive today. Can I count on you to step up and help us right now with your most generous possible, tax-deductible gift?